Too Big For Port
 A week before the Costa Concordia ran aground in January 2012, a group of activists in Venice formed a committee to push back against the growing bulk of cruise ships there. At first overshadowed by the drama of the Concordia accident, the group began to hold meetings, hang banners and organize demonstrations to call attention to its cause. Among other things, the group objected to the disparity between the 12- to 15-story elevation of many cruise ships and the three- to five-story scale of the historical lagoon city. Aided in no small part by the Concordia fallout, the Comitato No Grandi Navi struck paydirt in November, when Italy's national government placed limits on larger cruise ships in Venice, starting this month.

Similar tussles are taking place in other cruise ports as the scale of cruise ships continues to grow. Particularly in dense, historical ports with varied sources of tourism, the cruise industry is taking flak from organized groups opposed to expansion.

Find out the latest with Travel Weekly Cruise Editor Tom Stieghorst discusses the growing concern cruise ports have over mega cruise ships visiting their cities.
This weeks interview from The Informed Traveler
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